photo study thing idk

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IM FUCKIGN CYRUING (vine by Korbin Miles)

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I am I 目玉焼きニットプルオーバー

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i have come to realize that i am very tsundere towards kh……..


if you can’t handle me at my worst, you don’t deserve me at my best

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i made a new twitter because i want to start using twitter again???  follow if you want to see sketches and pictures of my cat

remember pip the baby ostrich


wowza i just discovered your art and dang you're really really good! if you don't mind answering could you please tell me what drawing program you use and your brush settings (if any)? thank you so very much and have a great day c:

thank you for the kind words!  i use sai and photoshop.  i change my brush settings a lot but here’s what i have rn:






contrary to popular belief, i am actually a human in real life who just so happens to like frogs a lot. you see, frogs are incapable of using a computer and formulating coherent sentences in any human language (at least in this time period. who knows what evolution has planned for them.)

that’s exactly the kind of thing a frog pretending to be a human would say

uhhh uhhhhh….income tax, the economy, lily pads- fuck….uh, starbucks

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Stolen from my flatmate’s facebook: such a wee cutie!

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River House, Aquitaine, France 
photo via cc


River House, Aquitaine, France

photo via cc

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iori is the absolute best iori fanclub
hell ye i love him sooo much…oh my god….oooh my god